Welcome to the Great Seattle Gargoyle Hunt. My name’s Matt.

I started the GSGH on my personal blog “Just Wondering“, where I occasionally posted a new hunt among the many other posts I write about many other things. I wanted to create a spot where it could live on its own. So here we are.

Pretty much everything you need to know to play the game or enjoy the results is set down in the rules of play, so read that if you’re curious about what to do or what you win if you win (not much).

Originally, I posted one or two pictures to get people started on the hunt, then after someone would identify the gargoyle’s location I would post more pictures and more text about the building, plus the winner’s limerick. In moving the whole shebang over here I’ve included just the hunt photos. Below the photo(s) for each you’ll find a note about whether that hunt has been solved yet or is still open, and links to the original “hunt” and “winner” posts.

However, the locations for the ones already solved are not revealed on the main page here, so if you just arrived and feel like taking up the challenge from the beginning you can. You can always click on the winner post for each one if you’re ready for the solution.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Seattle’s architectural details better while having fun hunting gargoyles.

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